About Us

We see ourselves not necessarily as pioneers, but as a technology company with an unwavering desire to serve. We are committed to delivering the best resume creation experience in the industry - where job seekers can create a professional resume to showcase their skills and experience, stand out from the competition, create a buzz, and land the job of their dreams.

In order to accomplish this, we use advanced technologies and computational algorithms to create a user experience that is intuitive, unparalleled in functionality, and designed to work seamlessly with Applicant Tracking Systems - meaning our customer’s resumes make the cut.

We focused on providing the Job Seeker with the ability to present themselves as distinct individuals with unique experiences and backgrounds. This gets accomplished when they describe the various projects they have worked on, when they share their hobbies, summary and social profiles - all optional of course!

The result is a more meaningful connection between job seeker and potential employer.