5 Impactful Ways to write your Cover Letter

You have created a resume that will create a buzz and set you apart. Way to go! Now that you have the perfect resume highlighting all your awesome, don’t forget about its sidekick and wingman - your cover letter!

Your cover letter is your resume’s best friend. In one page, your cover letter sets the stage for why you will be a great fit for the job you are applying to. It shows off your personality and your ability to excel within three concise paragraphs that should be readable in 10 seconds or less.

So, let’s get buzzy with the “how tos” of writing a great cove letter:

1. Start with an impactful belief statement

Every organization has its own unique set of company values and goals. Open your story with a brief but impact statement that resembles the mission statement of the company where you are seeking employment and shows an alignment of personal ideology.

Example: “As a marketing professional and industry leader, I believe in maximizing the potential of the brands I work with through a systematic and nimble approach to marketing that pivots to reflect what consumers are looking for in the company’s they love.”

2. Show emotion and motivation

When you are genuinely a fan of certain products or services of the company you are applying to, expressing your advocacy can translate extremely well into a motivated and loyal employee.

Example: “I was excited to see that [Company you love] is hiring a skilled realtor to drive commercial sales and increases market growth through high-traffic events—especially since I’ve attended several of your company’s seminars on market growth. With my 8+ years of experience in the corporate space, I am confident I would be a great fit for the role.”

3. Reveal any personal connections

Do you know someone who currently works at the company you are applying to? Tell them who and how you know them! An immediate recommendation can set you instantly apart.

Example: “I was excited to learn of this job opportunity from my personal friend and business associate, Justin Mayer. He and I have worked closely together for many years, most recently on your website SEO rebuild and shop cart addition. He thought that I would be a good match for this position on your team.”

4. Include relevant accomplishments

Sometimes it’s both cool and appropriate to brag a little. Especially if you have an impressive achievement that correlates well with what the hiring manager is specifically looking for in their job description.

Example: “Last month I increased social followers 104% and ran successful digital ad campaigns that produced $80K in new membership sales for a major non-profit. I would love the opportunity to utilize my campaign skills at your company to help boost your brand.”

5. Dazzle with a little storytelling

Sure, this can be a little risky, but the payoff could be a clever, attention-grabbing way to make it to the top of the interview list. Humor and wit are skillsets that can be a welcomed asset. Do some research and see if your unique way of adding some creativity matches the tone of the company you are apply to.

Example: “With the ball on the 20 and 5 seconds left in the 4 th , I looked across the line and called an audible. As I yelled hike, shook one, then a second tackle, time stood still as I ran the ball across the endzone to win the game. Ok, so I’m not really talking football here. But I think this is a fair analogy of what all the great advertising guys and gals face when ensuring they land those key accounts that both lift their career and bring fortune and fame to the agencies they serve. That’s the exact vigilant, creative passion that I will bring to the table for you and your team.”