Job Hunting and Outsmarting the Covid-19 Crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the most maddening side effects is the uncertainty it creates. Unemployment is not only a true buzz kill, it’s also a real psychological and financial stressor for both those who have lost their job and those in fear that they may evaporate in the coming months - if not weeks.

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There’s no doubt, COVID-19 has stifled many types of businesses, and made certain occupations both dangerous and hard to manage. But with companies needing to pivot on a dime, it has also  increased demand for work in other sectors .

In fact, job openings in industries tied to handling COVID-19 have increased as business leaders seek to manage demand related to COVID- 19:

Companies in many industries are desperately seeking workers during this crisis. Are you ready to show employers you have what it takes during this wild and wacky time? Check out some tips where we have highlighted prime industries in need of good workers and be mindful to focus in on the job requirements, educational backgrounds, and the important skills you should list on your resume before applying.

Medical Care

There are many job opportunities related to looking after patients with coronavirus. Not only are more doctors and nurses needed, but clinics and hospitals are also looking for folk who play a vital role disinfecting care areas.

Quick fact, almost a third of new jobs have been posted by the government, health care, biotech and pharmaceuticals, and nonprofit industries, indicating that jobs related to caring for patients with COVID-19 and researching the virus will only continue to grow.

Job Requirements, Education, & Transferable Skills

Highly skilled healthcare jobs will have more stringent requirements than entry-level or support roles.

  • Job Requirements: A background check will be necessary for jobs in the medical sector — even janitorial posts — depending on your state’s regulations. You’ll also need specific certifications depending on the role (check the job description).
  • Education: Most people working in the health care sector need either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. Be sure to list your applicable certifications and educational background on your resume if you apply for any medical- related position.
  • Transferable Skills:  Nursing skills are vital for anyone working in a caregiving capacity. That includes the ability to stay calm and professional in a fast- paced environment. You also need solid communication skills because people’s health will depend on your ability to communicate to other health professionals about their status.

Companies Hiring Medical Sector Employees

Service Delivery

Food delivery companies like Uber Eats are offering greater earning opportunities during this crisis to attract new delivery drivers because families aren’t going out for food.

You can also find non-food delivery jobs. For example, among its 50,000 new hires, CVS is seeking delivery drivers to deliver medicine and pharmaceutical products directly to consumers at their homes.

Job Requirements, Education, & Transferable Skills

If you think delivery work is something you’d enjoy, keep in mind the following base requirements:

  • Job Requirements: You’ll need a means of transportation (bicycles can be used in some major urban areas), a driver’s license if applicable, and access to a smartphone so you can get details on customers’ orders and addresses.
  • Education: High-school diploma or GED.
  • Transferable Skills: You’ll need effective people skills because you’ll be dealing with the public every day. Also clarify that you have a driver’s license if you’ll be delivering using your car or motorcycle.

Companies Hiring Delivery Employees


In retail,  convenience stores and supermarkets need more store associates  to ensure Americans can buy the essentials they need to get through this crisis. 7-11 is hiring over 20,000 new workers in the US alone to cope with the surge in demand caused by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Walmart is offering over 200,000 full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs, with new hires able to begin working soon after they submit their applications.

Job Requirements, Education, & Transferable Skills

Retail is known for being a sector that welcomes entry-level candidates. Here are some typical requirements for retail jobs.

  • Job Requirements: Although experience working with people helps, there are usually no particular job requirements for working an entry-level retail position.
  • Education: Many retail positions are entry level, meaning you can apply with only a high school diploma or GED.
  • Transferable Skills: To create an effective resume for a retail position, you’ll need to highlight typical sales skills. These include the ability to use point-of- service (POS) technology, product knowledge, and savvy customer service to interact effectively with your customers. If you’ve been laid off from food service, this would be an excellent industry to rebound into.

Companies Hiring Retail Employees

Warehouse Work

At the same time, companies like Amazon are hiring warehouse workers to supply consumers with the kinds of products they can’t buy directly from stores now that businesses selling “non-essential” goods have been closed.

Amazon says you can start working within seven days of applying, so if you’re in need of quick cash flow, this might be a good opportunity for you.

Job Requirements, Education, & Transferable Skills

Here are the basic requirements needed to get work in a warehouse.

  • Job Requirements: Warehouse work generally requires you to be physically fit.
  • Education: Often entry level, meaning you’ll need a high-school diploma or GED.
  • Transferable Skills: You’ll need to showcase effective organizational skills on your resume to ensure orders are packed and processed properly, and tine management skills are aligned to keep up with the orders you’ve been assigned.

Companies Hiring Warehouse Employees

Freelance Work

If you can’t risk exposing yourself to the dangers of COVID-19 or prefer not to, you can wait out the crisis from the safety of your home and still  earn an income via freelance work .

What you apply for will naturally depend on your interests and experience. If you’ve done writing or editing in school, consider freelance writing. Or you could take online surveys for a little boost in cash.

Upwork has described some of the  easiest freelance jobs to make a start in  if you have little experience freelancing. These jobs include data entry work, operating as a virtual personal assistant, and even transcribing — listening to audio recordings and typing them out onto your computer.

Job requirements, education, and skills will vary depending on the position.