Welcome to Jobee.io - your new resume builder!

Standing out from the very large crowd of job seekers in today’s mad dash for the ideal job may seem a daunting task. But fear not - a new company just launched that’s redefining how to “bee” seen, and “create a buzz” in the job search market.

Introducing Jobee.io - an online resume template service that is quickly becoming the go-to for those ready to build their perfect resume and find their dream job.

What makes Jobee.io different from other resume builders?

Jobee.io comes with all the bells and whistles, including 34 beautiful resume templates in an array of color options and formats. But what really distinguishes Jobee.io from other resume sites on the market is the ability for users to easily create their own custom online profile, use it to quickly modify mission statements, highlight different skills and then seamlessly flow their information into Applicant Tracking System (ATS) approved resume templates of their choice. Users can then download multiple versions of their resume and even share their professional profile with others online. Yep, our busy-bee software developers at Jobee, have done all the hard work, making the ability to create beautiful and powerful resumes at snap!

To enhance the career lift experience even further, Jobee.io provides free downloadable Cover Letter templates that can be tailored to a prospective employer, matching the skills listed in the job description to the candidate’s experience.

And if that’s not enough to convince job seekers to join the Jobee.io hive, let’s take a deeper look into what this powerhouse of a resume site has to additionally offer:

Free Online Resume Builder

The free online resume builder walks job seekers through the process of highlighting their objective / mission statement, professional skills, educational background, job experience, awards and projects that make them uniquely awesome, all in 15 minutes or less. Once their profile is set up, the builder dynamically translates the profile information into the resume templates of choice. If the user isn’t sold on the look, they simply click another resume template option, and voilà – all the profile information populates within another resume template. Profiles even come with an external online resume url that can be shared with others.

If having an online resume url is not cool enough, Jobee.io takes it to the next level by providing users the ability to additionally add custom portfolio link where a user’s website, online portfolio files and other visual representations of accumulated projects and work samples can be stored, and easily shared with perspective employers.

Social Media Embeds

With the popularity of social feeds dominating the internet, Jobee.io includes social links in their profile set-up and online resume. Users can share their facebook and linkedin profiles directly within their online resume.


We have a whole lot of gusto in our online resume product, with free and subscription tools to allow job seekers and career jumpers to maximize their potential, create a buzz amongst hiring managers and keep climbing workforce ladders.