Resumes that create a buzz:

Each template has been professionally designed by a Jobee resume guru to ensure your credentials beautifully stand out from the hive of other applicants.

Professional Resume Templates:

Always classic - the buttoned up and streamlined resume template that is well-suited for positions at traditional companies.

Modern Resume Templates:

A comtemporary, slick resume template that is well-suited for skill driven positions at modern companies.

Creative Resume Templates:

A resume with artistic flare that is well-suited for positions at creative and innovative companies.

Executive Resume Templates:

A resume showcasing organization and effectiveness that is well-suited for positions at companies who rely on skill-driven results.

Simple Resume Templates:

A clean and clear-cut resume that is versatile, clean and well-suited for a variety of positions.

Things to consider when creating a buzz-worthy resume:

Creating your profile

Hiring managers are looking for a resume that highlights your professional skills, certifications, awards, education, and accomplishments - all outlined in an organized resume format.

Choosing a resume template

As you can see, we offer a variety of beautiful templates to choose from. Each resume is completely optimized, so you can’t go wrong! Choose the template that you feel best represents you and your industry.

Applying for multiple positions? No problem. Jobee makes reformating, changing up skills and tailoring multiple resume styles easy.

Frequently asked questions.

And important keys to success.

How is Jobee creating a buzz in the resume creator industry?

We have a fast, easy resume builder and a slick variety of resume styles:

1. Our cleverly designed resume wizard walks you step-by-step through creating a dynamic profile

2. Skills, work history, education, certifications and awards are beautifully displayed

3. Choose from a selection of professional, modern, creative, simple, and executive resume templates

4. Download, print and share your resume in minutes

5. If you choose to make your Jobee profile public, share your online resume link on the go!

Keys to the perfect resume:

According to a survey of 2,200 hiring managers, one in six said they spend 30 seconds or less reviewing resumes. Your resume should make a good first impression, and fast.

Given that job seekers have to visually hustle to impress, it’s important they highlight their job skills quickly and clearly. This job match clarity is especially important for people who have nontraditional career paths, who may struggle to get a foot in the door with employers who use traditional job posting requirements like degrees, certain previous job titles, etc.

Why you need more than one resume?

Job positions with the exact same title, almost always have different skills and traits in their job descriptions. That’s why we recommend that you customize your resumes to address the specific requirements in the job description before you send out your application. No two jobs are exactly alike. So it’s important to match key words to gain an edge. This could be a daunting nightmare for job seekers, but with our easily editable profile creator, you can build fully-customized resumes in just minutes.

Why are cover letters important?

Having a professional cover letter that focuses three to four concise paragraphs that reflect the skills mentioned in the job description is a savvy way to set you apart from the other job submissions. Jobee can help you write an impactful cover letter that will match your resume. Plus... it’s free! We offer prewritten letters that will guide you, highlighting your unique skills to help you position yourself as the perfect job candidate.

What resume template is best for me?

At Jobee, we design flexible and dynamic templates to fit any industry. You can safely choose a resume template based on your own personal style, in color combinations that look great, are functional and represent you career story. And what is even more amazing - you can confidently rest assured that your resume will be optimized so you stand out from the crowd.